This Wednesday morning I had this thought for YOU!

The difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is that successful people don’t give up at the first sign of difficulty. They keep on keeping on. They are determined. They are diligent. They are persistent. They don’t know how to quit. You know how a little acorn becomes an oak tree? An oak tree is just an acorn that refused to give up. I’m not that smart, but I do know one thing: It is always too soon to quit. You are never a failure until you quit, and it’s always too soon to quit. God uses tough times to test our persistence.
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City Church Gastonia Celebrates Grand Opening

City Church Gastonia celebrates Grand Opening Exciting Name change Bethlehem to City Church Gastonia, NC: Today City Church of Gastonia specializing contemporary music and powerful teaching, announced that they have changed their name to City Church. After being recognized as Bethlehem Church for over 30 years, the church announced it was time to share a new vision for Gaston County. A church for the city in the middle of market place, a loving place, a place that helps the hurting and poor of
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Why do SO MANY people suffer?

There are people out there who say God wants everybody to be a millionaire. God never wants anybody to have cancer. God never wants any problems in your life. But the Bible says sometimes suffering is God’s will for your life. Why?Because it makes you more like Jesus. It deepens your faith. It brings you rewards in Heaven. It builds your character. It teaches you to worship instead of worry.
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