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Week 3 Devotionals

DAY 15:

Meditate: 2 Corinthians 5:17

PRAY: Lord, do your resurrection work in me. Transform my heart and my life into one that gives you glory and praise in every way. Pull me deeper and bring me closer to your heart.

READ: Let God Change You During Lent by Whitney Hopler

REFLECT: Why is it important for you to observe Lent rather than just go straight to celebrating Easter?

DAY 16

Meditate: Mark 7:7-9

PRAY: Lord, open my eyes to new ways that I can remove distractions from my life in order to see and know you better. Help me to be creative in the choices I make, as I seek to discover more of who you are without anything in the way.

READ: 7 Unusual Ideas to Shake Things Up for Lent by Theresa Ceniccola

REFLECT: What unusual ways could you consider to shake things up in your faith?

DAY 17

Meditate: Matthew 6:16

PRAY: Lord, remind me of my frailty and continual need for grace. I rejoice that my appetite for sin has been forgiven and will one day be erased! I want to focus on you through all fasting in this season and beyond.

READ: Why Has Lent Become Cool with Evangelicals? by Doug Ponder

REFLECT: How can you give God glory in this season, whether you eat or fast?

DAY 18

Meditate: Colossians 1:27

PRAY: Lord, I pray that focusing on contentment with who you designed me to be for forty days would help me to relish in the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection more. He died so that I could have a full an abundant life, not so that I could hide and cower. I pray that I realize more than I do now that Jesus is in the Father, I am in Christ, and Christ is in me.

READ: Finding Contentment During Lent by Jennifer Heeren

REFLECT: How are you finding contentment in Christ in this season?

DAY 19 - Grace Day

DAY 20

Meditate: John 20:17

PRAY: Lord, help me to have a world view that is big enough to include all that the resurrection means, for me, for the church, and for mankind everywhere, for all time. Thank you that the resurrection is not just a personal reality, but a cosmic reality.

READ: Consider the Meaning of Lent and the Coming Resurrection of Christ by John Stonestreet

REFLECT: How do you see the resurrection playing our in your life and on a broader scale?

DAY 21

Meditate: Acts 10:2

PRAY: Lord, I want to celebrate this season with my whole family. Show me ways we can draw near to you together this year in worship and adoration, as well as celebration and joy.

READ: 3 Thoughtful Ways to Celebrate Lent and Easter with Your Kids by Lori Hatcher

REFLECT: How can we celebrate this season as a family? How can I engage my family members in new ways this year?