SERVE at the Church

We all have things we want to cross off our to-do list. City Church is no exception. With three campuses to manage it is difficult to get it all done. We welcome your help! Would you like to be part of sprucing up the grounds and making sure things are running properly? If so, contact Chris Long at

CHILDREN (Birth - Grade 5)

Interested in making church the best hour of a child’s week? Join The Cove (birth to age 4) or Startown (K-5) to make a difference in the lives of the children of City Church. The impact you’ll make won’t be just for one day, but perhaps a lifetime.

New Hope Campus

Contact: Tyler Huffstetler (The Cove) at
Contact: Kaylee Stroup (Startown) at


Contact: May Batista at

Come in and check us out! Work alongside one of our leaders in any area to see if you fit might be there! Come see what the Cove and Startown Kids is all about!

Serves as the primary role model for the same group of kids in a specific grade on a weekly basis.

Greets new families as they enter the Cove and Startown Kids environment and guides them through the entire process of checking into a class and explains the pick-up process.

Welcome children and families, and helps to get the checked in with their security stickers.

Provides leadership and support to a team of 4-8 volunteers and oversees team of Sunday mornings.

Leads large group and a fun interactive game with kids as part of large group on Sunday mornings.

Leads a large group Bible story on Sunday mornings that is the basis for small group activities.

Leads kids and other leaders in worship as part of the large grop time on Sunday mornings.

Leads kids and other leaders in worship as part of the large group time on Sunday mornings.

STUDENT MINISTRY (Grades 6 - 12)

​We invite you to be part of equipping students to change the world. Come impact the lives of our students for Christ.

This team welcomes students to the Student Center by greeting them outside, helping them sign in, and even connecting them with a group of students if needed. We also transport students from the Worship Center to the Student Center via shuttle on Sunday mornings. This team can be comprised of both students and adults. Contact Cody Mummau at for more information.

BC Students serves breakfast before both services on Sunday morning and supper on Wednesday nights. The Grub Crew is responsible for preparing and serving the meals as well as clean-up following the service. This team is a mixture of adults and high school students. Contact Kristina Mummau at for more information.

Life Group leaders will be provided with amazing material and matched with a small group of students. Together you will walk through Scripture, learning together. You don’t have to be a theologian to lead students, just a love for God and His Word and a desire to see this generation follow after Jesus. Life groups meet during all services on Sunday mornings. For more detailed information, contact Cody Mummau at

We are looking for students interested in running lights, sound and graphics on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights. No experience needed. This crew is responsible for the look and sound of the service in the Student Center. For more information, contact Stuart Payne at

Whether you play an instrument, sing or do both, please consider using your gifts to lead the students in worship on Sundays and Wednesdays at the Student Center. Being a part of this team requires dedication, practice, and hard work. The result is being able to watch God use you to speak into the lives of others. There is an application and tryout process, so email Ashley Peoples at for more information.

This is a team comprised of students and adults with a desire to serve the student ministry from “behind the scenes.”  Tuesday afternoons we setup for YouthQuake and on Thursday afternoons we set up for our Sunday morning services. This is no small task. The Demo crew will move chairs, stage setup on occasion, place outdoor games/benches/tables, and, of course, make sure the café is ready to roll. For information about the Demo Crew, email Cody Mummau at

If you have time during the week that you could offer the BC Students team, we could use you! Each week we have students that visit us for the first time, we have students with birthdays, etc. You could be a part of our team reaching out to them, sending them a card, helping us file their visit, etc. Whether serving from our office here or from your home, having your assistance would be great! Email Cody Mummau at for more information.

First Impressions

From the minute our guests arrive on campus they are greeted by many warm and friendly volunteers who serve on our First Impressions Team. You’ll recognize our team by our blue lanyards. If you would like to be part of a team of fun people who make lasting first impressions, come smile with us.

New Hope Campus: Contact Jody Allen at
Fairview Campus: Contact Deni Patrignelli at

This important team is the reason why everyone stays awake! We offer complimentary coffee to our guests to ensure their time at Bethlehem is as pleasant as possible. You like coffee? Come brew some with us!

As a greeter, it is our job to ensure that each guest feels welcome and comfortable at Bethlehem. As you might imagine these are the people at the front doors who kindly welcome you into the building. They also give you a bulletin when you enter the sanctuary. Greeters also have the privilege of escorting guests to where they need to be on campus, to ensure that no one is lost, confused or uneasy. Our greeters at Guest Central are there to offer any assistance needed to guests and to give a small gift of thanks to our first time guests. Come join our Greeter Team as we “open the door” for others to experience Christ at City Church.

In a crowd as large as City Church there is sure to be some bumps, bruises and other medical issues that crop up. The Medical Team is in place to ensure that medical professionals are available during City Church services to address any medical concerns. Medical certification of some kind is required to be part of this team (medical doctor, nurse, paramedic, EMT, etc.).

If you have been to an event where you couldn’t find a parking space or had trouble getting in or out then you understand the importance of having a Parking Team! The Parking Team is a group of committed people who serve no matter the weather. They assist guests in finding an open parking space and work hard to get people in and out as quickly as possible, with your safety in mind. Come give it a try. We have umbrellas and coffee for you!

Everyone wants to feels safe, no matter where they are. It is our goal to provide a safe and comfortable environment at City Church. There are obvious and not so obvious security measures in place to ensure safety campus wide. We have trained professionals who serve during our services to prevent and address any security issues that may arise. Training in law enforcement is required to be part of this team.

Ushers are often an overlooked but very important part of the service at City Church. They do much more than pass the offering plate! Ushers offer assistance in finding available seats and helping people get in and out of the sanctuary. They are responsible for maintaining order during the service by minimizing distractions and interruptions. And, yes, they do pass the offering plate. Apart from the Holy Spirit, ushers are the glue that holds the service together. Come stick with us!


Do you have a knack for technology? Or maybe you want to learn. We have plenty of tech areas where you can learn something new or hone your craft. Contact Lee Armstrong at for more information.

  • Camera Operator
  • Shader/Video Engineer
  • Video Switcher
  • Graphics
  • Remote Camera
  • Stage Manager
  • Utility Person
  • Lighting – person with some technical know how in lighting.
  • Audio Tech – some experience in digital audio mixing.
  • Director
  • Producer


If you are skilled in music and want to share your talents, we would love to hear from you. We are looking for vocalists and musicians to be part of our worship team. Auditions are required. For more information or to schedule an audition, please let us know:

New Hope Campus: Contact Laura Taylor at
Fairview Campus: Contact Ricky Collins at
Separk Campus: Contact Zach Farmer at


Help in making our grounds appealing.

Painting to repairs to building. If you have a willing heart and a touch of skill (or none at all) we would love your help.

From time to time we have large events that may take hours to set up and tear down. We could use your time and your muscles!


City Church cares deeply about meeting the tangible and practical needs of others. Below are some ways you can join us. For more information or to serve, contact Scott Jimison at

Family Promise is committed to helping homeless families in the surrounding area to achieve lasting independence. They do this by providing safe shelter, meals, day care and support services for these families. Area churches help provide shelter, meals and support on a rotating basis.

Interested in volunteering? Please fill out a Family Promise Volunteer form here.

Hundreds of children in Gaston County go home to little or no food on the weekends. The Backpack Ministry fills backpacks full of food for these children. Often times this is the only food they may have. Special Kare for Special Kids fills backpacks each week. They are then delivered to schools where students are in need. Your donation would help buy food to go in these backpacks. Your gifts to the Backpack Ministry are tax deductible. Click here to give.

Interested in volunteering? Please fill out a Family Promise Volunteer form here.

Want to help serve breakfast to those in need? City Church serves breakfast to the homeless through the Salvation Army once a week. If you can’t make the breakfast times, we also need help grocery shopping and doing setup as well.

Interested in volunteering? Please fill out a Family Promise Volunteer form here.

Home-delivered meals are served to individuals who are medically homebound, unable to prepare meals and have no one available to prepare meals for them. Spend your lunch break delivering a smile and a hot lunch to medically homebound seniors. Sign up to volunteer here.