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Steps you can take to participate in the amphitheater campaign:


Dear City Church Family,

Over Thirty years ago, God brought Tammy and me to City Church with a vision to change the spiritual landscape of Gastonia. During this time, we have seen so many unchurched families come to know Jesus and people blessed throughout Gaston County.

With 2020 behind us, we still face many of the same struggles as we head into 2021. Covid 19 is here, and with it comes so much confusion and change. We realize that creating a safe outdoor space to worship would be a great tool to reconnect people with the Lord and with His church. Let’s take this Outside!!!

Outside worship, outside walking trails and activities. We also need to help the Fairview campus get the students “outside” the adult worship space, into in a new Student worship house.

We need every City Church family, new and long-term members alike, to give generously to reach our goal. With God’s help, we can make room for more families and students as… “We Take it Outside”!

Better together,

Pastor Dickie and Tammyt

Proposed design:

Builder’s Sketches for visual purposes.